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Team Sports

White Hall is for Team Players

Studies show that organized sports activity helps children develop and improve cognitive skills, academic achievement and improved classroom behavior. White Hall offers a variety of sports in which youth can participate and benefit from team play.


White Hall and Redfield girls may play softball in these different leagues: T-Ball (4 & 5 yrs.), 8 & Under (6-8 yrs.), 10 & Under (9-10 yrs.), 12 & Under (11-12 yrs.), 16 & Under (13-16 yrs.)


Soccer The White Hall Soccer Association consists of approximately 16 teams and are divided into age groups. Groups are: Under 6, Under 8, Under 10, Under 13, Under 14 and Under 16.


White Hall supports five baseball leagues including: Tee Ball League (ages 4-5), Minor League (ages 6-8), Major League (ages 9-12), Little League (ages 9-12) Babe Ruth (ages 13-15).

Pee Wee Football

The White Hall Elementary Football program has eight teams: four each in third and fourth grades, and four in fifth and sixth grades. As an adjunct to the program, each team has a cheerleading squad.

Pee Wee Basketball

The White Hall Elementary Basketball program is composed of 12 teams for boys and six girls teams. Six boys’ teams are made up of third and fourth graders and six serve fifth and sixth graders. Three girls’ teams consist of third and fourth-graders, and three teams for fifth and sixth-grade girls.

Public announcements for registration and team information for each of these sports activities always precede the playing season.