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White Hall: The Perfect Place for Your Family to Put Down Roots

White Hall is among the safest communities in Arkansas, giving residents reason to feel secure and comfortable raising their families here.

The White Hall Police Department encourages community safety by working as team members with the community to proactively pursue criminal elements, improve the quality of life and maintain public order. The department enjoys a good reputation as an excellent provider of police services by maintaining high standards in training, testing, and performance. WHPD officers’ families live, walk and drive here, and they want to protect your family as much as their own.

White Hall formed a volunteer fire department in 1962, in coordination with the White Hall Water District. There are 25 certified firefighter volunteers, one paramedic and four emergency medical technicians. The fire department provides free fire safety inspections for homeowners and assists with installing and testing smoke detectors in homes of those in need. Annual inspections are performed on all businesses and churches at no cost. White Hall Fire Department has mutual-aid agreements with surrounding fire departments. With an ISO fire rating of Class 3, White Hall residents enjoy lower homeowner’s insurance premiums without having to pay membership fees.

White Hall is recognized for its excellent housing values. The great majority of homes were built between 1970 and 1999, meaning that White Hall neighborhoods are established but not old. The latest studies indicate that the mean value of a home in White Hall is $171,200 – thousands higher than the rest of the state – up 7.1% from the year 2022. Yet, total cost of home ownership is the second most affordable in Arkansas. White Hall’s real estate market is rock-solid, with reliable growth in value.